Organic Pitted Medjool Date 7 OZ

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Charm your customers with a great date with Joolies. Our mint packaging pops on shelf and have a 9 month shelf life. Dates are hearty fruits! Oh, and they're delicious. Our pitted dates are our best selling SKU! We bring you the freshest, perfectly sweet organic medjool dates California has to offer. We are dedicated to organic farming and thoughtful use of natural resources. We give our dates the purest water, rich nutrient dense soil and of course lots of golden California sunshine. The result? A happy superfruit treat that your body and taste buds can finally agree on. Joolies juicy handpicked dates are naturally packed with Fiber, Magnesium and Potassium. Great for everyday snacking, mixing, sharing or gifting. Always fresh never dried. Guaranteed to lead to a second date. Pits? Ain’t nobody got time for that. We've conveniently removed the pits for you. Pitted Dates are great for snacking, baking, mixing and gifting. Kids love em, too!