Artisan Vegan Crackers with Aromatic Herbs and Olive Oil


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Enjoy these natural, artisan, crunchy and extra thin crackers, with no additives or dyes, or palm oil. A selection of the best aromatic herbs: rosemary, thyme and basil, all infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our flour is obtained by using an artisan ground process. Stone-ground flours are more nutritious and aromatic, than those ground with industrial steel rollers. We let our dough rest for 12 hours and then it is slowly baked to maintain the nutrients, obtaining an extra thin and crunchy, but consistent, cracker. So you can enjoy them alone or preferably, with hummus, Iberian sausages and creamy cheeses. + Artisan crafted + Palm Oil Free + 

2.8oz (80g) + Product of Spain