Artisan Vegan Crackers with Red Pepper, Cumin and Olive Oil


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Natural, handmade, crispy, and ultra thin crackers that are free of chemicals, colors, and palm oil. We use the best red peppercorns that have been matured on the plant and grind them into a fine grain right before baking to preserve the fragrances. Red pepper is the ripened green grain on the plant that has turned the berry red. To preserve the aroma and properties of cumin in grain, it is crushed but not totally ground into powder. Both red pepper and cumin give our crackers a robust, somewhat spicy flavor, and when combined with extra virgin olive oil, they form an extraordinary quality trio. Our flour is produced by an artisan grinding technique. Stone-ground flours are more nutritious and fragrant than commercial steel roller-ground flours. We let our dough rest for 12 hours before baking it gently to preserve the nutrients, resulting in an unusually thin and crispy, yet consistent, cracker. + Artisan crafted + Palm Oil Free + 

2.8oz (80g) + Product of Spain