Easter 2024 - Chocolate Truffle Easter Eggs


Only 12 left!

In true FINE & RAW form, our eggs are magic from start to finish. What surprise flavors and colorful combinations will you receive? Only time and chance will tell. Each box contains two ganache-filled half-eggs that are hand-painted with natural ingredients. These sets are gluten/dairy-free and, as always, chocolate aficionado friendly. Ingredients: cacao, cacao butter, agave, coconut sugar, sea salt, olive oil. NATURAL COLORS: Red: Red Radish Powder Blue: Blue Algae (Spirulina) Powder White: Tapioca Flour (GF) Yellow: Turmeric Powder Purple: Sweet Purple Yam Powder Pink: Pink Pitaya Powder Green: Matcha Powder Black: Activated Charcoal Powder