Immune – Vitamins for Immune System – 30 CAPSULES


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Immune complex providing food based vitamins and minerals with live good bacteria

• Whole food nutrients

•  Naturally occurring bioflavonoids from whole citrus fruits

• Immune specific strain of the hardiest strain of good bacteria in the world

• Guaranteed 2 billion CFU at the end of shelf life

Together Health's unique immune supplement is designed to give your body a helping hand whether you’re fighting off a cold, feeling a bit groggy, or in the middle of something. This immune system power boost comes with all the benefits of vitamin C, selenium and zinc supplements, along with the hardiest strain of live bacteria highly studied for its immune benefits. 

30 capsules • 1 a day • 30 day supply


Citrus pulp providing Vitamin C; Nutritional yeast1 providing: Selenium and Zinc; Bacillus coagulans LMG 6326; Inulin; Tapioca extract2; Lichen providing Vitamin D3. Capsule (Vegetable cellulose). 

1An inactive non-candida and non allergenic yeast 2Non-GMO extract used to turn oil into powder. Also contains: Enzymes; flavonoids; lipids; amino acids and other naturally occurring bioactive cofactors.

Certified Vegan • Naturally effective • Clean & Pure • Gentle on the Stomach • Certified Cruelty-Free • Transparent Manufacture • Third Party Tested • Plastic Free • Proud Supporter of Vitamin Angels • 40 Industry and Consumer Awards