Organic Einkorn Penne

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• Whole-milled artisanal einkorn whole wheat pasta. • Earth’s first and best-tasting wheat, perfect for fitness nutrition. • Ready to replace all your Gluten Free products. • Einkorn´s gluten (Gluten AA) is easy to digest with the least inflammatory properties of any wheat. • The only existing grain to never be hybridized. • Steel cut and slow-dried to heighten and preserve its tasty nutty flavor and nutritional value. • Excellent source of plant-based protein, lutein, dietary fiber, B vitamins, and minerals. • Einkorn has up to 250% more antioxidants than common wheat. • Gluten AA is the non-hybridized version of gluten in which the protein structure is much weaker and easier for your stomach to digest. • The glutens in all other wheats have been modified to be stronger and more elastic for production and baking purposes.