VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm 2 oz


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From The VanMan "Tallow is THE BEST moisturizer there is.  The oil in our skin shares many of the same fatty acids with tallow, making it nearly impossible to beat. When you feel how soft and smooth your skin is after just one use you will never go back! Not much needed each use, there are no fillers Tallow is much more than just a moisturizer though... it can replace: Lotion  -  Night cream  -  Wrinkle cream  -  Neosporin  -  Diaper Balm  -  And More! Powerful enough to heal the skin, yet safe enough to spread on your toast! Check out our testimonials below or on our Instagram showing effectiveness against rashes, hives, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, diaper rash and more!"